Miniature portraits of the Whittemore family

A visitor to this website has sent in this image of a group of miniature portraits she has just acquired.

She is now wondering if anyone knows more about the Whittemore family.

Her interesting email shows how a collection can start and reads as follows;

"Last week while on vacation in Georgia, I saw four miniatures for sale in a church thrift shop. As an artist, as well as a collector of antiques, these miniatures intrigued me. I got on the internet and found your wonderful, informative web site. Although I know almost nothing about this area of interest, I returned to the thrift shop and decided to buy all four. I felt that they should be kept together.

With the pictures was a typed note, which the shop copied for me stating:
“Albert Gallatin Whittemore, lawyer and teacher, born in Milton Vermont, 1797. His wife, Abby Clark, and son Yorick, who died just after this picture was taken. (Grandparents of Harriet W. Lovely.)”

I did a little research and found basically the same information on this gentleman and his family. I could not find anything about Harriet W. Lovely. The inscription on the back of the wood framed picture of the son indicates that the young man is six years old at the time of the sitting (he looks older), and that he was born in 1848, (several years after his father died, according to records!) I asked the clerk what she knew about the note and pictures. She thought that they had all been together in a box of things that was donated to the shop."

I have not tried to research the family for the visitor, but I had a quick look and did reply to the visitor with the following information.

"I am sorry I cannot pick the artist, but I think they were all painted by the same artist. At a guess I would think that Harriet W Lovely was her married name and her maiden name was possibly Harriet Whittemore?

I just had a quick look and therefore think it is possible that Harriet W Lovely may be
Her age and Vermont state seem likely. There is more if you go to that page and click on
Thus the connection of the Whittemore family with Harriet W Lovely is not yet confirmed. Therefore, if any visitor knows the connection or can pick the artist, please let us know.

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Helen said...

Harriet Lawrence Whittemore (b. 1889 to Albert Gallantin Whittemore, Jr. and Adelaide Lawrence), married John Emerson Lovely in Burlington VT. 9/11/1912. J.E. Lovely was an engineer whose company was located in Bellows Falls, VT, then moved to Springfield, VT.